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The Infectious Disease Research Foundation (IDR Foundation) is a non-profit organization with as main goal to financially support medical research in the field of infectious diseases. The Foundation considers infectious diseases as an emerging global problem and research in this field needs more support. The IDR Foundation will promote research on a global level and makes no distinction in the nationality of applicant researchers and were the research shall take place. The proposed research project needs to be innovative, relevant, and of good quality. Research proposals are reviewed by people in the field and judged if the proposal fits the Foundationís program. Any researcher with a good track record in the field of infectious diseases is eligible (provide references of scientific articles). Researchers can do research proposals that are out of line with their previous research efforts. The Foundation prefers to support researchers whose research careers are still developing rather than those in the later phases of a distinguished career.



Current Projects

From 2013-2014, the IDR Foundation has committed her resources to updating the Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases and releasing it online (expected early 2014). The project is lead by a team from the University of Oxford. The book version of the Atlas was published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2012 and over 1200 copies have been distributed worldwide and a reprint is underway. The Atlas provides a complete global overview on the distribution of all relevant infectious diseases Ďat-a-glanceí. This atlas is a vital visual reference for anyone working in the field of infectious diseases, for both patient care and teaching. The atlas has received positive reviews from SCIENCE journal, the US CDC Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, and NRC Handelsblad (Dutch newspaper).


The advisory board for this project contains infectious disease and mapping experts: Jeremy Farrar (Oxford University, UK), Mary Wilson (Harvard, USA), Simon Hay (Oxford University, UK), Henri Verbrugh (Erasmus MC, Netherlands).


This online Atlas project is funded by:

      Continuendo MusartE Foundation, Netherlands

      Wellcome Trust, UK and the University of Oxford

      Royalties from the book version of the Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases



The IDR Foundation board members work free of charge (volunteers). All funds are used to pay for the projects. The IDR Foundation does not have any personnel.


2013 Financial report: expected in February 2014

2012 Financial report


How to donate

The foundation is actively raising funds to make new projects possible and sponsor more research.

Donations are always welcome on the following bank account:

IBAN code: NL14ABNA0533170605



H.F.L. Wertheim (clinical microbiologist), chair

M. Merkus (fiscalist), treasurer

B.J. Verkoren (lawyer), secretary

C. Ang (clinical microbiologist), board member

A. van ít Veen (virologist), board member

J. Wertheim (economist) board member


The IDR Foundation board members work free of charge (volunteers). All funds are used to pay for the projects. The IDR Foundation does not have any personnel.



Stichting IDRF

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The Netherlands

phone: +31.35.6562255



Bank account: NL14ABNA0533170605

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