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Infectious Disease Research Foundation

Infectious Disease Research Foundation


The Infectious Disease Research Foundation (IDRF) is a non-profit organization with as main goal to financially support medical research and capacity strengthening in the field of infectious diseases globally. The Foundation considers infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance as a global problem and research in this field needs more support.


Exchange program of medical microbiology laboratory specialists. In 2017 IDRF will start a new program to enhance the knowledge and skills of laboratory personnel working in medical microbiology laboratories in resource limited settings. We will fund or travel and accommodation for laboratory experts from the Netherlands to visit and assess microbiology laboratories in resource limited settings, and for local laboratory experts to visit microbiology laboratories in the Netherlands. Besides enhancing the capacities for resource limited settings to diagnose infectious diseases, Dutch laboratory experts will enhance their knowledge in global health. Read an interview with Heiman Wertheim in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad on his work on infectious diseases in Vietnam. 

  • Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases: From 2013-2014, IDRF has committed her resources to update the Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases and releasing it online ( The project is lead by a team from the University of Oxford. The book version of the Atlas was published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2012 and over 1200 copies have been distributed worldwide and a reprint is underway. The Atlas provides a complete global overview on the distribution of all relevant infectious diseases at-a-glance. This atlas is a vital visual reference for anyone working in the field of infectious diseases, for both patient care and teaching. The atlas has received positive reviews from SCIENCE journal, the US CDC Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, and NRC Handelsblad (Dutch newspaper).

The Atlas project is funded by:
• Continuendo MusartE Foundation, Netherlands
• Wellcome Trust, UK
• Royalties from Wiley


Infectious Disease Research Foundation
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How to donate
The foundation is actively raising funds. Donations are welcome on the following bank account:
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